Setting the (winning) table

I'll try not to rely too much on clichés, but it'll be hard.

First of all: thank you a million. Seven courageous souls answered the challenge, and many of them sent more than one table (for a grand total of 13 tables, what a magic number). I'd a stinking liar if I didn't confess that we wanted even more, but sometimes less is more, because in this case all of them are just awesome.

But this is a contest, so enough of these niceties, and let's get to the point: the winner. After a tense week of deliberations, the solemn jury has come to a decision, and has unanimously chosen Gabriel Ciprés' table, Transplanar Climatology. On its 24 entries, Gabriel details a list of encounters and background occurrences for something that sooner or later will happen on an Appendix N game table: a travel through the planes.

Result 3 on the table "Transplanar Climatology"

Next week, and as soon as possible, we'll publish the table here, both in English and Spanish. After this one, the rest of them will come, so that the community can use and enjoy them.

Congratulations, Gabriel! As promised, we'll send you The chained coffin via express transplanar courier. Here, let me roll on the table...


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