The Phlogiston Books Volume III: The Carnaval of Earthly Delights... now at your local grocer's!

The Rural Fantasy is celebrating! The Phlogiston Books line is back, now with its third volume, The Carnival of Earthly Delights!

Come and delight! Zero-level PCs enter for free!

The people of Upper Coldcutters have been giving in to the blackmail of a group of bandits for some time now. Every year, the village's men take a load of cold cuts and preserved meats to a meeting point to exchange them for the bandits' "protection"; from a pig slaughter to the next one, a whole year. But this time, after going to the designated place with their invaluable cargo, the men didn’t get back home. Have they been the target of the bandits' capricious rage? Have they stumbled upon one of the many hazards that dot the Moiran fields? It is, then, up to the village's women to delve into this mystery and save their people from a bleak future.

The Great Swine, godly protector of both Upper and Lower Coldcutters

This 0-level adventure/sandbox/campaign kickstarter for female player characters contains no more and no less than…

- The barony of Moirás, a Rural Fantasy region adjacent to settlements as iconic as Humiliatown, Burgstard, or Shadypass, detailed in its countryside splendor.

- Dozens of characters and creatures (well, maybe not so many) that will ring the fantasy players’ bell, so they’ll give them a good and nasty surprise.

- Dozens (this time for sure) of adventure seeds and possible follow-ups to turn this module into the starting point for a rustic, bucolic, and very Chaotic campaign.

- And as a commercial initiative of suspicious moral quality and efficiency, it includes mechanics, magic objects, and characters from previous The Phlogiston Books volumes and adventures, as an excuse to show a coherent milieu.

The throwing stone, the ultimate rural weapon

You can find it on DriveThruRPG for only 5€! Imagine what you could buy with that amount in the countryside! 100 hens! A pumpkin patch of an acre!