Transplanar Climatology, by Gabriel Ciprés

Transplanar climatology


1    Dead Calm. A mysterious (from the players’ viewpoint) silence settles in, making them suspicious. All players must discuss with the next one who speaks.

2    Nice and calm. The weather is lovely across the planes of existence. PCs are in a great mood and must show it with displays of camaraderie.

3    Weird Rain. Roll 1d7: 1-Feces, 2-Green paint, 3-Nuts and bolts from a gnomish machine, 4-Bat wings, 5-Salt, 6-Forks, 7-All of these at the same time.

4    Magic Gale. A stream of wild magic energies instills life into the biggest non-magical object each character is carrying. Animated objects hate each other, and they talk to and demand their owners that they destroy their rivals. The PCs must save or fall under their influence.

5    Karmic Downpour. A multicolor rain swaps the PCs personalities. Every player takes the character sheet of the player on his/her right. If someone's got the DM on his/her right, instead of taking a character sheet, he/she turns into a 1d3-headed dragon.

6    Spectral Twister. A huge twister made of unknown energies approaches the PCs fastly. It’s completely innocuous and will go through them harmlessly, but they don't need to know it.

7    Someone left a gate open. Just like that. In a nearby plane, an inept wizard took a break for lunch and left a gate open through which stuff is falling on the PCs. Roll 1d6: 1-Soiled clothes, 2-Scraps of food, 3- Big and heavy books (1d5 damage upon impact), 4-Scribbled parchments, 5-Random magic potions, 6-Familiar (a puppy, a parrot, a toad...) that breathes fire when it’s between planes.

8    Pack of transplanar demons. A pack of demons that look exactly like the PCs (save with deer antlers and flip-flops) attack by surprise the PC in the rear. Despite their appearance, their stats are like a goblin’s.

9    Energy Overload. The atmospheric magic is so intense that all magic items triple their bonus but they burn to touch (1d2 damage every round until it’s dropped). Dropped objects will turn into slugs (it’s an irreversible process) on a 1-13 in 1d30.

10    Will o’ the wisps. The second highest-level PC begins to shine (in a color that is the lowest-level PC’s favorite). Anybody who touches him will get shivers and awful nightmares about sawdust for a week.

11    Planar Heat wave. The interplanar space’s got a stale smell. All the PCs lose 1d5 hit points to sweat and heat stroke unless they take off their clothes and take a shower with all their drinking water.

12    Elemental Leak. The PCs’ journey takes them near an elemental plane that, unfortunately, has a leak. The floor gets ankle-deep in (Roll 1d5): 1-Fire, 2-Earth, 3-Water, 4-Wind, 5-Socks (yep, there’s an elemental plane of that stuff).

Socks of planes. Or was it plane of socks...?

13    Night falls, no matter what time it is.

14    Day breaks, no matter what time it is.

15    Temporal Interruption. The space-time continuum stops because of a breakdown. While the maintenance gods fix the issue, the Judge and PCs must keep silent during 1d6 minutes. Whoever speaks takes 1d16 damage.

16    Spectral Cyclone. It’s exactly like the Spectral Twister (result 6 on this table) but it’s deadly.

17    Screaming Snowstorm. Roll 1d7: 1-Screaming leaves, 2-Screaming cat heads, 3-Screaming bricks, 4-Screaming cockroaches, 5-Screaming sugar, 6-Screaming cleaning water, 7-All of these at the same time. Screaming.

18    Outlandish Dew. Humidity from unknown origins soaks everything. You need to stop and dry up or you risk to lose your equipment and food.

19   Rhyme. The lowest-level character becomes encrusted with ice. Unless his/her mates do something, he/she’ll slip and fall to the floor in 1d16 turns.

20    Magic and Electric Storm. PCs wearing metal armor are struck for 1d13 damage. Magic-users have to cast a random spell at a random target at maximum effect.

21    Dimensional Catastrophe. In a nearby plane, a group of adventurers failed to stop a megalomaniac villain from destroying the world. The skies open up and corpses and burnt debris fall from that plane. Roll 1d5 to know what kind of plane it was: 1-Fantasy, 2-Futuristic, 3-Superheroes, 4-Noir, 5-Cartoons.

22    Transplanar Nomads. Mysterious hooded guys who wander through the planes. Roll 1d7 for their demeanor: 1- Friendly, 2-Hostile, 3-Don’t care much about anything, 4-They speak weirdly and are difficult to understand, 5-Democrats, 6-Moustached, 7-Cannibals.

23    Galactic Equinox. A great festival where the gods from all over the multiverse meet up. Clerics must offer a mandatory mass for the party. If there’s more than one, the one who worships the most powerful god takes precedence.

24    Climatic Mashup. Roll 1d5 times on the table and apply all the results.


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