Disturbing rural encounters, by Nacho Sevilla

Disturbing rural encounters


1        A tattered kid stares wordlessly from the side of the road as he picks his nose. As he turns his back to the PCs, a strange lump stirs under his garments before he disappears.

2        A fevered horse crosses the road, bloodshot eyes and froth in its lips, requiring that 1d3-1 PCs make a Ref save or be hit for 1d6 damage. The horse can’t be calmed down and if it’s somehow stopped or held, it’ll rise on its hind legs and, after uttering a human laugh, will drop dead.

3        A female laborer stops working to watch the travelers and to insult and threaten them, getting more and more violent.

4        A wandering seller shows the travelers her wares insistently. She ends up displaying an eclectic collection of potions and charms, in exchange of which she doesn’t ask for money, just some hair and a blood drop. Those she put inside a pot full of silt, alongside some more.

5        During the journey, the plants and animals look gradually sickly and changed.  Strangely hued corn, lettuces shaped in weird shapes and covered with unnatural outgrowths, pustule-ridden and ill-looking cattle, extremely pop-eyed bunnies...

6        A dog comes near the party and after sniffing them, or trying to, tails them from afar. Oddly, the dog is joined later by a cat, then a rooster, and a goose, a pig, a cow...

7        Those locals who see the travelers greet them kindly from a distance, but if approached they begin to look restless, then fearful, and finally they freak out so much that they try to kill themselves.

Result 14: something like this, more or less*

8        A god-forsaken village on the road. When walking through it, doors and windows can be heard closing as the visitors proceed.

9        The corn growing on both sides of the road progressively invades it, making the path narrower until it vanishes completely. When they turn around, there’ll be no trace of the path and they’ll be in the middle of a cornfield.

10        A sudden hail storm forces the travelers to take shelter. The ice rocks are increasingly bigger and faster (1 hp dmg/minute). The only place to run for cover seems to be a barn; violent blows can be heard coming from the inside.

11        Some locals are laying a fence across the road so “those things can’t get through”.

12       On a nearby stream a mysterious mill’s wheel spins against the current’s flow.

13        Pikes and pitchforks with dogs’ heads stuck on them keep popping here and there, and their number keep increasing.

14        The party stumbles upon Humberto Felipe Arteamado, a somber-looking bard, well known for his horror tales, who joins them to share their wine and fire during the night. He’ll talk about an unspeakable abomination, murmured by the locals to dwell in some peasants’ barn, further ahead in the road. During the night he disappears, leaving behind a small octopoid figurine wrapped in furs.

* Image taken from the Lamentations of the Flame Princess forum header. Of course it belongs to Raggi.


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