Free RPG Day + DCC RPG World Tour 2015

I know, this is a fairly lousy entry for those not living in or around Madrid, but who knows: maybe you happen to be in Spain next month on holidays, or on an undercover mission, or to learn how to play the spanish guitar or cook paella. Weirder things happen all the time.

In any case, even before Phlogiston Books existed as a would-be-publishing-affair, we've been running games for the DCC RPPG World Tour. They'll all have been a blast, so we'll of course do it again this year. In this case, we thought to celebrate the Free RPG Day playing the game we support and love. And, since we've read and listened to great reports about the great Hypercube of Myt, that's what we'll do: a Tournament.

This we can assure you: if you come by Generación X on June 20th, at 11 am more or less, there'll be a seat for you, and an english-speaking judge to run a game. Spanish hospitality for a fellow DCC RPG player, at its best.

What we can't assure you is that your 0-level characters will survive...


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