If thou gaze long into the Phlogiston...

...the Phlogiston will also gaze into thee.

We have been lost again in the Phlogiston, wandering its insubstantial avenues, contemplating its insane landscapes, listening to its cacophonous sounds. We lost hope of finding our way back to the material plane.

But we're back!

As cold as stone we were...

And this time the journey through the Phlogiston has borne fruit: we have met more travellers, who have agreed to collaborate on this second volume. Daniel J. Bishop aka ravencrowking, an illustrious role-playing writer, has corrected the English version; José Luiz Cardoso has contributed an amazing article to "humanize" the demihuman classess; and Cristina Charneco joins Valen as an illustrator, with some incredible drawings for two of the articles.

The Stone Heir is the main course of this volume. In this level 1 adventure, the characters will receive an unusual commission: to recover the petrified body of the heir to the Marquisate of Malparida, Martial the Bold, famous for his love of hunting, which he took too far when trying to hunt a basilisk. As in all the great adventures of Gabriel García-Soto alias Velasco, nothing is what it seems....

But there's more, much more! The central theme of this volume is a mystery that held us in its grip: what happens between the end of a funnel and the first Level 1 adventure? How do a lot of pathetic peasants turn into a lot of unscrupulous mercenaries, bag cutters, holy men and sorcerers?

Level up!

And to explore it, it includes another adventure of the talented Gabriel, Pigs from the Pit, during which the brand new level 1 adventurers will test their new powers and abilities for the most powerful reason: to defend their hard-won treasures.

And that's it? Not at all! To develop and deepen the proposed theme, we have seasoned this mega volume with four articles:

- Girl, you'll be woman soon. You want to further personalize your character and explore the process that has led him to become a competent adventurer, why does a halfling leave a warm home and when does a gongfarmer learn to unleash the deadly energies of magic? Here you will find answers to these and other fundamental questions.

- Adventuring ties. Okay, barely surviving the funnel creates tight bonds, but there comes a time when the adventurous group needs replacements, and the "I was just passing through" is no longer acceptable. Find here a thousand and one (well, there are fewer) organizations of adventurers and the reason they have to stay together.

- Starter equipment for level 0. Wait, don't go into the dungeon yet! With these optional rules you can trade in that wheel of cheese for something really useful to survive the massacre. And nothing prevents you from using them to more accurately reflect a pseudo-medieval economy, either.

- Sword and Sorcery classes for DCC. Finally, more options for your new characters: Do you think, like many of us, that semihuman classes don't fit into a Sword and Wizardry campaign, but do you miss the skills they bring? +Tzi José Luiz from the Tower of the lonely GM blog to the rescue! In this article he masterfully adapts these classes, creating from them three new ones very influenced by the seminal works of the genre.

Can you possibly find the three editors amongst the rabble?

We know, you want it now, don't you? It's your lucky day (or week)! The second volume of The Phlogiston Books, which also premieres a new format (American Letter, 56 pages), will be available this Friday the 13th, on DriveThruRPG, both in PDF (Phlogiston Document Format) and POD.

Unintentional homage amidst the pages of TPBII to Friday the 13th. Wait, or was it The Evil Dead....?