Coming up next: The Phlogiston Books, Volume I

It might seem that here at Phlogiston Books we've been idle for the summer, but nothing farther form the truth! Our next publication is in the works, and although we can't set a date yet, we can disclose (hehehe, "disclose") that it'll be a collection of various useful articles, including (but not limited to) a new patron. Yeah, I can hear you, "a new patron?! We're already waist deep in patrons, for Bobugbubilz's sake!" Well, not like this one. It suits perfectly well the kind of campaigns that we'd like to promote from this humble house... a "tone" that is also present in the other entries. "But that's a 'zine, then", I can also hear from some people. No, not really; a 'zine entails some form of periodicity, something that we can't and won't promise.

So let us offer you a sneak peek of The Hanged man's Tree...

Result 5 for the table Patron taint: The Hanged man's Tree

Don't cry for me... 
Don't cry for me...

Blood falls from the wizard's eyes. If you get this result a second time, the wizard loses an eye, that will fall to the ground leaving behind a bloody eye socket; its wounds will never truly heal. If you get this result a third time, the wizard loses the other eye. A raven will then fly to the wizard's shoulder. From then on, the wizard will be able to see through the raven's eyes; it will always stay with the wizard, pecking at his bloody eye sockets from time to time. If the raven ever dies or is taken apart from the wizard, another one will appear to take its place.

Illo by the great Manu Saez; you can find more of his works here. Stay tuned!


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