Dungeon Crawl Classics will be Clásicos del Mazmorreo!

That's right! As Joseph Goodman himself proclaimed last week in the GenCon 2015, there'll be a Spanish translation of Dungeon Crawl Classics, or rechristened as...

Clásicos del Mazmorreo
Clásicos del Mazmorreo Juego de rol will be published by Other Selves, a Spanish publishing house (as Rodrigo himself says, a one man operation), known for La puerta de Ishtar, Ablaneda, and the just recently funded Ryuutama. It's the perfect person for this: deeply commited to quality, passionate about the hobby, he's very well known in the Spanish roleplaying circles.


Phlogiston Books will help with the translation of the book and the adventures, and alongside Rodrigo we'll be offering World Tour games left and right. We'll keep bringing adventures and other resources for DCC RPG both in English and Spanish, of course.

It's a great day for the Spanish-speaking roleplaying community. We can't stress enough how excited we are! We'd like to thank the DCC RPG community, both the English- and the Spanish-speaking, and of course Joseph Goodman, for their trust and support.

Now, where did we leave our dictionaries and thesaurus?


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