Ain't got enough tables

Yes, that's right, there'll never be enough tables for the DCC RPG, so that's why we thought that we should ask you, the fans, for more. Need a little motivation? How about a copy of The chained coffin? (The module, not the boxed set) Why not a Table contest?

Rules and conditions

Never enough

- The table's topic must be Appendix N - related. A list of rare ingredients for a ritual, the secret name for a summoned demon, the effects of that drug that someone slipped in your drink... are good examples.

- The submitted table must be in a editable-friendly format: .odt, .doc, .pdf...

- The table can have as little as 2 entries and as many as you like. We reserve the right to be partial to tables that use one of the fabled zocchi dice: d5, d7, d14, d16, d24, d30, d666...

- The table can be sent via homing pigeon to phlogistonbooks at gmail dot com, or to the Table Contest shelf in our bookshop.

- You can send as many tables as you want. The more, the merrier!

- The tables can be sent in English or Spanish. Hey, no complaints here: that's more than half of the world's population (we're working hard on our Chinese). Tables written in English will be translated into Spanish and vice versa.

- The tables will be "published" under a creative commons license, either here or on a 'zine. Yes, that's right: if we get a decent amount of tables, we'll put them together on a 'zine, lavishly illustrated and expertly laid out. Or at least we'll try.

It exists, here's proof

- The board of judges is formed by this roster of DCC RPG experts, handpicked by myself: Alberto, Cronista, Sergio, Terrax, and Velasco. Bribes are accepted and encouraged.

- We'll send the adventure anywhere in the world: the shipping and handling are, of course, included in the prize. Regrettably, we currently don't serve other planes of existence.

- The deadline for this contest is April 26th, 2015. Five days after this, we'll announce the winner on this same bookshop. Yep, on the First of May of 2015: Sword and Sorcery never rests.

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Post them on the comments, please!

May Bobugbubilz be with you!


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