For a handful of dungeons

The RPG Free Day came and went, and indeed we played RPGs, and indeed some people got them free, and indeed it was a great day!

We played in a dungeon. Try to beat that

We at Phlogiston Books are up to the challenge of spreading the DCC RPG amongst heretics non-believers those who don't know the beauty of its rules and the certainty of its heritage. A dozen of brave souls answered the call and took part in The Ecstasy of Gold, a funnel created by the razor-sharp quill of Velasco, and The Hypercube of Myt, the merciless tournament adventure penned by a team of devious and imaginative DCC writers.


As Velasco himself wrote,

The folk at Shadypass are an enterprising bunch; they've decided to expand their economy by getting into mining, although the only miner in town is a newcomer who assures he's being into it in the past. Some weeks ago they found a vein of coal in one of the nearby mountains and started to dig it out. Unfortunately it came to pass what it could be expected: there was a cave-in and some miners got stuck inside the mine. Time's not on their side. The mayor has gathered a group of brave locals to make a rescue team.

"I reckon we're enough to tackle this". Poor soul... 
"I reckon we're enough to tackle this". Poor soul...

This was a 0-level game, so you know what to expect: high death rates and mayhem. Here are some highlights:

- A petty thief stole a shepherd's bag while he was trying to rescue the miners. Big haul.

- A dog called "Paella" was key to find the survivors amongst the debris. He met a miserable death. And his owner, as well.

- The rescuers used canaries to detect noxious vapors. Even though, some of them died after inhaling poisonous gases. The ways of the adventurers are inscrutable.

- The best warrior was a glassblower, who killed a giant bat with the swing of a spade.

20 went in, 4 came out. That's what I call a funnel...

Tombstones. Made of paper, mind you. 
Tombstones. Made of paper, mind you

Regarding The Hypercube: chaos incarnate. This crazy successions of bizarre encounters is great to test the resolve, wits, and luck of the players. And oh man, were they tested...

- Some strange knights dressed in huge armors went about talking about something like "a breach in the hull" and "xenomorphs on the loose". Some bold villagers managed to befriend them, and were lucky to have them around during some combats; they were horribly corrupted in the Library Dementia. They now serve some Egyptian-called dude.

- The curator managed to hire some of the villagers. Too bad he fell under a demonstration crowd soon afterwards (these vassals know their rights).

- The sticky stick, very real and present in the table (I ruled that the player who found it had to have it in his hands until he died or passed it along), made it to the very end, in the Arcane Arsenal...

- ...which really was the royal rumble I was hoping to see. Myt was reborn after one of the lowly peasants got all the artifacts together. And there was a survivor...

All in all, the players were too nice to each other, considering that it was a tournament, for Bobugbubilz's sake.

A sheep. A giant stone head. Space marines. What could go wrong? 
A sheep. A giant stone head. Space marines. What could go wrong?

The winners got a copy of The Vertical Halls in Spanish, and a wall from the amazing and incredibly useful Instant Dungeon, the same one I used during the game; Javier, the mastermind behind the project, attended the event and showed us some of the new pieces for the crowdfunding that went live some days ago. Check it out, it's an amazing product!

To keep it short, we'll not bore you with further details. We've posted more pictures on the Goodman Games forums and G+, though.

And next... the Tierra de Nadie Con in august. We can't wait!


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