Tierra de Nadie '15 Con: Here we come!

It's confirmed! In exactly one month's time from now (6-10 August), Phloghiston Books will be in the Tierra de Nadie '15 Con!


Tierra de Nadie, TdN for short, is the biggest and most important Con in Spain, both in number of attendees and games offered and played. It is located in Mollina (a small town in Málaga, Andalucía), and it all started back in '03, so as they themselves say, this year's edition will the number "12+1". Last year, more than 5200 people took part in the 539 activities that were offered; these numbers may look humble if we compare them to other Cons all around the world, but please remember that this is Spain, where roleplaying and board games are still a tiny drop in the vast sea of hobbies and pastimes (or lack of them, for that matter).

Get used to the one on the top, guys 
Get used to the one on the top, guys

It's the first time that DCC RPG is played in the TdN. We're overtly excited about bringing the Appendix N awesomeness to the unsuspecting players who have never tried what we think is its flagship. We'll play safe, so we'll be offering a couple of well-tested (by us and many other people) adventures. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. And to add variety, they'll be an "old" adventure and probably the best funnel out there, Sailors on the starless sea; and a new one, the tournament module The Hypercube of Myt.

So if you're around there on holidays, and the DCC itch is too strong to be ignored, just give in and join us! There's no entrance fee or anything like that, you just need to check in and get your name on the list for the game.

Oh, and... don't forget your sunscreen!


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